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QuBit Dosage

The QuBit fluoromoters can detect and measure fluorescent dyes that are specific to either protein, RNA, single-stranded DNA or double-stranded DNA. For this practical, we will only use the QuBit dsDNA DNA High Sensitivity (HS) kit that is highlt selective for double-stranded DNA.

Range of detection

The fluorescent reading is done in special 500 µL assay tubes.

The DNA quantity in the assay tube should be lower than 100 ng for the QuBit dsDNA HS kit. Consequently, samples may need to be diluted beforehand.

Protocol for dosage:

Label the QuBit Assay tubes

One assay tube is needed per sample + 2 tubes for the two standards. Label them.

Figure - QuBit Workflow
QuBit workflow

Prepare the QuBit Working solution

Prepare the standard measurements

Prepare the sample measurements

To the standard and samples