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Podospora anserina’s genome

Genome sequence

This is a fasta file that contains the whole genome sequence.


This is a multifasta file with 7 fasta sequences corresponding to the 7 chromosomes.

We remind you that P. anserina as most fungi can have two mating types that control the sexual compatibility. In P. anserina there are called mat+ and mat-. The sequenced strain was mat+, that’s why the file name ends with “MatPlus”. The mating type locus is located on the 1st chromosome, that’s why it’s called Chr1plus in the fasta file.

You’ll also find bellow 7 fasta files for the 7 chromosomes.

Chromosome 1

Chromosome 2

Chromosome 3

Chromosome 4

Chromosome 5

Chromosome 6

Chromosome 7


Here a gff file containing the genome annotation:

Genome annotation

It contains coordinates and information of coding sequences (CDS), repeats, tRNA, centromeres etc.

Chromosome sizes

Here a file containing the size of each chromosome:

Chromosome sizes

Some programs need this information.