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Other reagents


Micrococcal nuclease NEB #M0247


Target Supplier Catalog Number Lot Number Quantity per IP
H3K36me3 Abcam ab9050 GR3307136-2 10 µL
H3K27me3 Sigma 17-622 3504435 5µL
H3K9me3 Abcam ab8898 GR3373564-1 3.75µL (=3.75µg)
H3K4me3 ActiveMotif 39159 31420006 4 µL
H4K20me3 ActiveMotif 39671 35518005 7.5 µL
RNA Pol.II  ActiveMotif 91151 26520003 4 µL (=4µg)
GFP Abcam ab290 GR3321614-1 3µL

Magnetic beads

Dynabeads protein A Invitrogen 10001D

Vortex (> 30sec) the beads.

Then, the beads must be washed before use:

Aliquot the appropriate volume of beads and place on the magntic rack
Wash with Lysis buffer, 1 ml / 250µl of beads, 3 min, at RT
Collect the beads and resuspend in Lysis buffer, same volume as initially
Store at 4°C